Below is a brief description of our services. The heart and soul of what we are.

Our comprehensive architectural services include conceptual and schematic design, design development, CGI and Visualisation.

CGI & 3D Visualization


We believe that 3D Visualization and CGI are the best way to communicate architecture. In fact they are the first step to turn a simple idea into reality.


We produce high-end renderings aimed to give a realistic and personalized taste of what is in our clients’ mind.

We generate high-resolution images for designers, architects, real estates and householders.


Our objective at M-arch is to provide our clients with  a prompt, top quality service while ensuring competitiveness and affordability.


Our architectural visualization services  are meant for both exterior and interior spaces.

Architectural Services



We started providing architectural services with the idea of supporting householders and small commercial clients.

Sometimes when you kick off your own business it is nice to have someone taking care of hassles such as feasibility check, planning application and building regulations.


 We know that our clients are usually small entrepreneurs  facing a complete new world and our duty is to support them through the process.


This is the reason why we believe in offering competitive price compared to the industry.


The architectural services division at M-arch does not stop here. It is also meant for private clients thinking about giving a new life to their old house.

We specialize in property’s extensions, internal refurbishment and interior design.




Every year we try to identify what we think is a project with a high architectural potential and then, as the theme is set, the challenge starts.

Team of any size and from all over the world can participate.

Once the competition starts they are provided with an info package including a brief history of the place, pictures and 3D models.

Each team then has a limited amount of time, roughly a month, to come up with an innovative idea.


Usually the project is either  an abandoned building rich of historical meaning or a city infrastructure which can be improved further, but it can really be everything.


The only one rule is to stimulate young architects’ minds so to come up with visionary and innovative  solutions to the every-day life.


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